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Sarah is without doubt the best personal trainer I’ve ever come across. From the first meeting where she discussed my goals and talked to me about what has and hasn’t worked in the past, I instantly felt enthused, positive and motivated. And that motivation stays in the lead up to, and after every session. 


What makes Sarah different is I feel she really understands me. I’ve had personal training in the past, which has typically been a programme on repeat, without much interaction. But training with Sarah is different. She can tell when I’ve had a bad day or don’t feel motivated and manages to turn me around at the end of each session without fail through talking and exercising. She takes the time before each session to think about new ways to get me excited or challenge me, and offers a really personalised service. 

I feel like I’m not only working out, but also seeing a shift in my mood afterwards, hence how perfect her business is! 

The best thing is it’s in the comfort of my own garden so I feel relaxed and not judged. I now look forward to each session and what it brings and have finally started to enjoy exercising, which I never thought was possible.  


Great classes and a brilliant motivating instructor. I loved your sessions Sarah and will be back




 I was encouraged by my friends to join Monday boot camp. I was sceptical and told them I don’t exercise outside in the cold but decided to give it a try.

I have attended every session and I love it! Sarah provides exercises which were doable and also challenging, there is also a fun factor every week. I have enjoyed classes and have signed up for another boot camp course. I also attend Sarah’s Sunday classes.

From being super unfit and can confidently say I am a “gymaholic” or rather a Sarah-holic. I look forward to all our sessions.

I would recommend her exercise bootcamp classes to anyone looking to get fit.


Having been over weight for years I required handling with kid gloves and Sarah certainly knew the best approach for me.  Her style was to go at my pace but still push me further than I thought I could go.

She planted the seed that I wasn’t as rubbish as I thought I was and that compassion works in more than one way. She has been fundamental in starting my journey back to healthy living and losing weight.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone and everyone, if you are nervous about starting to take control of your habits, if you are fit and want to be pushed further, or if your wellbeing is challenged and you don’t know which way to turn then Sarah really can help.



Sarah ran a developmental disabilities awareness session for my organisation. She was brilliant, she answered questions clearly and ensured that the session was engaging. We would highly recommend Sarah, she comes with vast experience and a passion for what she does.


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