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Challenge: My company does not have a strategic level plan of how to mitigate for the impact of menopause in the workplace 

Solutions offered by MoodLifter:

  • Creation of a menopause policy or a “work adjustment approach” that identifies the bespoke needs of the individual and facilitates these adjustments.

  • Consultation on implementing menopause policy or wellbeing strategy.

  • Manager level training on menopause awareness and what you need to know to create a menopause friendly workplace.

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Challenge: You want to offer your employees currently experiencing 

menopause opportunities to thrive

  • Environmental workplace assessments.

  • Moodlifter meno group programme 6 week one hour sessions to groups of up to 8 employees experiencing menopause that combines evidence based psychoeducation with physical exercise and mindfulness to enable staff to develop strategies that they can sustain within their routine.

  • 1:1 Occupational Therapy to support employees in the workplace or when returning to work following absence.

  • Resource sheets or webpages identifying local peer support and resources.

Menopause training

Challenge: Employees do not disclose or have work related discussions about menopause.

Solutions offered by MoodLifter:  

  • Staff training in menopause communication. Research in 2013 found that women were less likely to disclose the impact of menopause if they were managed by male, younger staff. By equipping all line managers with training in how to approach conversations to menopause it can allow workers to create a culture of openness and address and potential difficulties and support needs as early as possible.

  • Delivery of health promotion events to raise awareness and highlight your companies strategy.

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Why Choose MoodLifter:

MoodLifter was created by Sarah Meharg, an experienced advanced occupational therapist that found that despite people being aware of public health messages they often have difficulty putting the advice into practice. After years of working in mental health, she noticed an increase in successful women reaching out for support due to sudden difficulties with mental health that coincided with the onset of peri menopause. To deliver corporate solutions, Sarah has partnered with Aline Boblin, an experienced project manager, director of a social enterprise, Transformation In Action CIC. Aline delivers the menopause support of the CIC. After lived experience of the menopause, Aline has become an advocate as to how each woman can empower herself early to be prepared for her peri and post menopause life and how industry can transform their workplace as an enabler of a smooth menopausal transition through action. Sarah and Aline offer an approach that is pragmatic, compassionate and tailored to your needs. Your challenges will be addressed in a sustainable way.

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