How to keep new year's resolutions

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I have been pondering since December as to if I should write this blog, it feels like everyone is capitalising on selling their product or service by talking about how what they can offer can give you the “New Year New Me” cliché. I don’t want to be part to anything that exploits vulnerabilities. So the purpose of this blog is not to sell you anything. It is to give you the strategies that me and my clients have found the most helpful.

On Wednesday 16th Jan I will be offering free telephone coaching to anyone that would like to chat through their resolutions, gain support in setting a resolution or explore the strategies that I have written about further. Details are at the bottom, of the blog. There won’t be a sales pitch: I am doing it as I have given myself a day off and it is something that I enjoy doing. Also its not fully altruistic – I get my work through word of so the more people I help the more likely people are to hear of my services!

If you have set a new years resolution as you read this think about how each point relates to you. If you have not set one use these tips to think about your future goals. So before we get started on the strategies ask yourself:

1) Do you associate new year's resolution with breaking them.

No? – move on to the next point (Although I suspect you will be in the minority – we are in a culture that almost celebrates failing at them)

Yes? Then reframe it, rather than calling a new year’s resolution call it an intention or goal.

2) Do you have more than one?

There is mixed evidence as if having more than one goal works. By having one goal you can put all your energy into creating the new habit and sustaining it but having multiple goals can sometimes be helpful as you can focus on a range of different areas. Keep it to less than three goals.