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What does an active routine look like?

Public Health England recommends that to maintain a healthy lifestyle an adult needs to do 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity over a week and twice a week do an activity the builds strength.

The activity can be anything that gets your heart rate up and leaves you slightly breathless but still able to speak.

Today I have asked My friend Andrew @marshgroup to share his routine to give you some ideas as to how to fit an active lifestyle around a busy work schedule.

My exercise week
…. can seem a bit crowded, but it helps keep me in the right place for so many reasons!
In response to a need to lose some weight over fifteen years ago, I discovered that recreational running was something I really enjoyed. Although I was commuter cycling a few miles, that by itself it wasn’t enough to reverse what had always been a wider midriff than I liked, nor stop the inevitable result of a relatively sedentary lifestyle. Rebalancing has been a progressive process and I now try to do something active most days of the week, even if its only my commute bike ride and some stretching. I feel so much happier and definitely healthier, less inclined to indulge in (more than) a glass of wine or beer. I love not having that dull feeling the next day that, for me, even moderate alcohol consumption brings.

My exercise highlights during the longer spring days that we are now enjoying are a couple of evening 2-3 hour bike rides with friends and an early morning run with the Friday morning run group at work.

If I’m lucky I might even squeeze in an outdoor swim soon. I’ve missed the Swim and Tonic crew over the winter and look forward to swimming with them at Dosthill Quarry and Cliff Lakes as the more regular outdoor swim season approaches.

The build–up to the Coventry Half-Marathon last weekend has meant fitting in a few longer runs. The windy March weather that wasn’t so good for weekend bike rides has allowed that to happen quite well.

Having a team ride or group swimming session to aim for is such a great motivator. Those occasions when its all too easy to stay late to finish a piece of work, or sit at home discovering the latest social media thread that captivates, become less frequent. I’m easily distracted and know only too well their 21st century addictively guilty techno-pleasures! Nonetheless they do help to build the communities that support and sustain us at home and work.

I’ve definitely felt on a bit of a journey over the last few years in particular and have set out to try and bring some of what I’ve uncovered into my workplace wellbeing. I’m meeting some amazing people and look forward to hearing more about what motivates you on your wellbeing journey.

Top tip: get a physical activity with a group or team into your diary this week.

You can follow Andrew on Instagram @marshgroup

If you don't know were to start on becoming more active get in touch with me for a free exploration as to what will work for you.

Sarah is an Occupational Therapist and personal trainer who is passionate about helping people flourish @MoodLifterPT

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