Accessible gyms and exercise for all

Updated: May 23, 2020

When I heard that Old School Fitness had become a social enterprise I was curious. I have rented a room there for a year and felt an affinity with their philosophy. I contributed to their crowdfunder by offering to do one burpee for every pound raised. I expected to have about 10 minutes of hell as we all know one burpee is a burpee too many. Instead, you generous folk donated £416 and I spent 90 minutes hating each and every one of those exercises. Today I've invited Old School Fitness to tell us more about their plans to be the West Midlands most accessible and inclusive gym.

Old School Fitness Coventry
Old School Fitness Coventry

Old School Fitness is homed in an old schoolhouse, built in 1873...thus, we are Old School Fitness. We started off (October 2018) with the aim of being like every other gym. Yet, we found that somehow, we were different. Very quickly, we created a very friendly and very loyal community. We have male and female PTs, a yoga and a trainee yoga teacher, an occupational therapist, a life coach, a sport therapy centre, two running coaches, a beauty technician, and a bunch of smiley faces.

What a lot of us have in common is our belief in plant-based eating. OSF only uses plant-based milks and sells vegan snacks. We have several recipe books to encourage people to dabble in plant-based meals. Our mindset towards both our food, our bodies and our community is kindness. Only recently have we had the good fortune to link with a local plant nursery. Oakdene Microgreens have become an offshoot of OSF: now our local community has access to extremely nutritious plants as part of their everyday diet.

Several of our members are very open about their mental health struggles. For this reason, the gym has naturally evolved into one that sup