World Mental Health Day

A few years ago I saw comedian Robin Ince, very early in the show he boldly asks the audience “How many of you, when standing on the top of a hill, wonder... what if I let go of the baby I am holding?”

I was on the front row, I nervously put my hand up, the person sitting next to me shuffled awkwardly. In my mind I am thinking... “where is Robin going with this“ and “please don’t speak to me and uncover how weird I am”. I glimpse around the room. There are about 5 other hands up about 1% of the audience. Each of those people looks normal, normal but slightly fearful of what is coming next.

“Yes - you are the people I want holding my child” Robin enthusiastically states. We breathe a sign of relief, a comedian well known for wearing cardigans and presenting science shows trusts our ability to not throw a child of a cliff DESPITE having thought of it. He even believes we are the safest as we have had the strength and power not to act on the thought.