Managing mental well being at times of uncertainty

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Regardless of your circumstance there is a lot of change and uncertainty at the moment with how to respond to COVID-19. I have seen amazing acts of compassion and kindness and the devastation it has created. In this blog I'm going to run through tips to help and some free resources to help you utilise these strategies. Read through and try out the ones that are relevant to you.

1) Give yourself permission to slow down.

At the core of mindfulness is the skill to step away from the productive drive mode that worries about the future create and to check in with you in the present moment. Headspace has created a free mindfulness section called "weathering the storm"

This video explains the benefits of mindfulness

If you find that you are mindlessly eating do read my blog on getting in control of emotional eating.

2) Routine

Your day may not have it's usual pattern with a change in caring or work responsibilities. For the next 24 hours make a note in your phone or diary of what you are doing and when. Once you have completed this acknowledge the steps to changing this routine. There are some great apps for creating routine Habitify and Habitica are a couple of free ones. The power of habit is a great book to read on the topic.

Structure your day around the daily activities of daily living. Have set times to sleep, eat and move.