How to smash up stress

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

In last weeks blog I talked about exercising without going to the gym. I don’t usually swear but this post comes from a place we’re swearing feels appropriate and authentic. This week I had planned to put up photos of me demonstrating each move and giving you a step by step guide of how to do each exersise. Unfortunately, you are not going to get that as life has got in the way. I received news that is out of my control.

Note that I have said news... what I was going to write was “bad news”; but it being bad is just my subjective option based on the fact I feel angry, screwed over, under appreciated and having to deal with masses of uncertainty. At the same time I recieved the news I also had building work start on my house, so my usual sanctuary of calm is a building site that is causing me additional headaches. My 21 year old cats dementia seems to be getting worse at night and he’s running around the house miaowing loudly waking me from the little sleep I am getting.

I almost posted up the original blog without pics and thought, yep that will do. There’s a preconceived notion that someone practicing all the wellbeing strategies will never have a bad day. Well